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Recruiting Information



Recruiting Information

Admission Requirements of The Program

    Students who participate in the training of the first two years will be competitively selected by a special China-France committee in the charge of the program principals. The Selection and Admission Committee decides the number of the students.

    The students selected into the first year’s training must have excellent academic performance. An applicant must have earned at least a Bachelor’s Degree on Mathematics, meanwhile he/she should have got through the Chinese National Graduate Entrance Examination and have been admitted, or have been admitted without examinations.

    After the end of the first year of study, Only candidates by top students selected through examinations separately in Fudan University and in Shandong University are eligible for entrance in the second year of training in Fudan University. The number of these students is about 20.

    After the end of the second year of study, we will selecte no more than ten students to continue "Paris program" according to their academic performance and interest. The selection of these students will be undertaken by the Selection and Admission Committee. Selected students should have a sufficient level of French, and must have a TEF(French Test, TEF at least 541 points) level 4 or an equivalent certified level. The rest of students will continue 'Fudan Program' in Shanghai.