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Gene Golub Around The World

February 29, 2008

School of Mathematics Sciences

Fudan University

photo of gene golub

Gene Golub, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, was a pioneer in the field of numerical analysis and also a leader and friend to many in the community of numerical analysts. He passed away at age 75 on November 16, 2007. A brief biography is available from Stanford News Service.

On Friday, February 29, 2008, several symposia will take place concurrently around the world in commemoration of Gene's legacy. Fudan University will host one such symposium.


February 29, 2008, 2:00pm-5:00pm


East Guanghua Tower, Room 1801, Fudan University (Handan Campus)


  • Guoliang Chen, East China Normal U.
  • Weiguo Gao, Fudan U.
  • Chuangqing Gu, Shanghai U.
  • Guiding Gu, Shanghai U. of Finance and Economics
  • Benyu Guo, Shanghai Normal U.
  • Chunjin Li, Tongji U.
  • Jianyu Pan, East China Normal U.
  • Yangfeng Su, Fudan U.
  • Zengqi Wang, Shanghai Jiaotong U.
  • Musheng Wei, East China Normal U.
  • Huiqing Xie, East China U. of Science and Technology
  • Jungong Xue, Fudan U.

Local organizers:

Yangfeng Su, Jungong Xue, Weiguo Gao

If you are interested in paticipating this symposium, please contact one of the organizers.