Call for Abstracts

1.  If you are an invited speaker, please sent an abstract to us before May 10, 2012 ASAP.

2 The Abstract should be written in English and the length of the body text should not exceed 200 Words (about 1000 letters, one page). 

3.  You may email the TEX file of your abstract  to:

Call for Papers 

1.  In conjunction to the conference, some special issues in "Chinese Annals of Mathematics" will be dedicated to Jacques-Louis Lions and all the invited speakers are kindly invited to contribute a paper to the special issue.

2. The deadline for submission of your paper is August 31,2012    

3. You may email the TEX file of your paper with the subject “CAM Special Issue" to: 

      Ms. WU  Wei

     Tel: 86-21-65642338

     Fax: 86-21-65646455



4.  We will appreciate you preparing the TEX file of your paper according to the Sample of CAM