International Conference on Partial Differential Equations:

Theory, Control and Approximation

Fudan University, Shanghai, China


May 28--June 1, 2012

PPT files of invited talks

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May 28, 2012, Monday
Andrew J. Majda Mathematical Strategies for Real Time Filtering of Turbulent Dynamical Systems PPT
Roland Glowinski On the Numerical Solution of a Nonlinear Wave Equation Associated with the First Painlevé Equation PPT
Roger Temam Mathematical Problems for the Equations of the Atmosphere and the Oceans PPT
Franco Brezzi Virtual Element Methods for Linear Elliptic Problems PPT
Fang-Hua Lin Elliptic Equations With Periodic Coefficients and Homogenization PPT
Maria J. Esteban Functional Inequalities and the Symmetry Properties of the Extremal Functions PPT
May 29, 2012, Tuesday
Yvon Maday The Reduced Basis Method: Basic and New Algorithms  
Olivier Pironneau Acceleration Techniques for Stochastic Volatility Models in Finance PPT
Alain Bensoussan Control and Nash Games with Mean Field Effect PPT
Philippe G. Ciarlet Recent Advances in Linear and Nonlinear Shell Theories PPT
Doina Cioranescu Applications of the Unfolding Method to Some Open Problems in Homogenization PPT
Alain Damlamian Periodic Homogenization for Inner Boundary Conditions with Equi-Valued Surfaces:  The Unfolding Approach PPT
May 30, 2012, Wednesday
Jean-Michel Coron Control and Nonlinearity : Bloch and Navier-Stokes Equations PPT
Jean-Pierre Puel A Result of Local Exact Controllability for Viscous Compressible Fluids in 1-d PPT
Jean-Yves Chemin A Class of Large Global Regular Solutions to the Incompressible
Navier-Stokes Equations
May 31, 2012, Thursday
Douglas N. Arnold Finite Element Differential Forms on Simplices and Cubes PPT
Benoît Perthame Branching Patterns and Cell Colonies PPT
Christine Bernardi A Posteriori Analysis of the Time and Space Discretizations of  Richards Equations PPT
Enrique Zuazua Control of viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations PPT
Tatsien Li Exact Boundary Synchronization for a Coupled System of Wave Equations
Barbara Wohlmuth Beyond Classical Saddle Point Analysis PPT
Claude Le Bris Two Topics Related to Nonperiodic Multiscale Problems PPT
June 1, 2012, Friday
Alexandre J. Chorin Implicit Sampling, with Application to Data Assimilation PPT
François Murat On the problem divA(x)Du =f(x)+ H(x, Du)+au With |H(x,Du)|\leq C|Du|^2 and a >0 PPT
Jean-Claude Nédélec  Theoretical Aspects and Numerical Computation of the Time-Harmonic Green's Function for an Isotropic Elastic Half-Plane with an Impedance Boundary Condition PPT