International Conference on Partial Differential Equations:

Theory, Control and Approximation

Fudan University, Shanghai, China

May 28--June 1, 2012


1. Name Badge: Please take the name badge for the conference activities including banquet and city tour.

2. Tickets: Please take the tickets for lunch, dinner, reception, banquet etc.

3. Hotel Internet: Free internet service is available in every room of Fuxuan Hotel and a8 Hotel. We also provide a free internet, printing, copying service in Room 1606, East Main-Building, Guanghua Building.

4. Conference Internet: Wireless internet access from any where in Guanghua Building

 Username: conference;   Password: conference2012

5. Conference Office

Room 1609, East Main-Building, Guanghua Building, will provide stationery, such as, pen, paper, printer, transparencies, and printing (also copying) service. Office hours 8:00--11:30; 13:3017:00,   Tel: 86-21-65642469

6. Conference Rest Room 1: Room 1604, Guanghua East MainBuilding, for coffee, tea, discussion

7. Conference Rest Room 2: Room 1606, Guanghua East MainBuilding, for coffee, tea, printing and copying.

8. Conference equipment: There are a computer projector and a whiteboard at the lecture room.

9. Conference Website: You can find these important files: Program, Hotel Address, Transportation, Map etc. from the conference website:

10. Urgency Telephone:

139 1685 2043 (Prof. Zhiqiang Wang)

139 1675 1155 (Prof. Liqiang Lu)

138 1871 5992 (Prof. Zhou Chunlian)

11. Taxi Fee of all the invited speakers from airport to Fuxuan Hotel (or venue) will be covered by the conference. Pease keep the printed receipt of the Taxi!

12. Every day Breakfast during the conference is included in the Hotel Fee. The dinner fee at the Fuxuan Hotel for two days of May 27 and June 1 will be covered by the conference.