Lecture Titles and Abstracts

Kojun Abe On the first homology group of diffeomorphisms of smooth orbifolds and its applications  (slides)
Zhiqiang Bao Manifolds associated with (Z_2)^n colored graphs (slides)
Victor Buchstaber Basic constructions of toric topology and applications I, II (slides I), (slides II), (paper 1) (paper 2)
Junda Chen Betti numbers of closed manifolds with locally standard actions (slides)
Suyoung Choi The classification of four-stage Bott manifolds
Haibao Duan Topology of Blow--ups and Enumerative Geometry 
Yukiko Fukukawa

Buchstaber invariants of skeleta of a simplex slides (paper)

Hongzhu Gao

The minimal genus problem in rational surfaces CP2# n\bar{CP2} (paper)

Hiroaki Ishida

(Filtered) Cohomological rigidity of Bott towers 

Shintaro Kuroki Toward a definition of root systems of GKM graphs 
Fengchun Lei Some recent results on amalgamation of Heegaard splittings (slides)
Ping Li Hirezbruch genus and Poincare polynomial (slides)
Wending Li The homotopy groups of L_2 localized Ravenel spectrum (slides)
Mikiya Masuda

The root system of a torus manifold 

Yan Qi

The canonical line bundles over equivariant real projective spaces of general dimension

Xiangjun Wang The homology of partitions and the cohomology of the moment-angle complexes  (slides)
Yanying Wang

Small covers over product of polygons with simplices

Takahiko Yoshida Torus fibrations and localization of index (slides)
Li Yu

Halperin-Carlsson conjecture and small cover  (paper)

Xuezhi Zhao Periodic points of periodic homeomorphisms on closed surfaces (slides)