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The School of Mathematical Science (SMS) of Fudan University, one of the most distinguished and active institutions of mathematics in China, was founded by consolidating the Department of Mathematics of Fudan University and the Institute of Mathematics of Fudan University in 2005. The SMS consists of five Departments, i.e., Departments of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Information & Computing Sciences, Mathematical Finance & Control Theory, and Probability, Statistics & Actuarial Sciences, and the Institute of Mathematics. Now, the SMS has approximately 100 permanent faculty members, among which 48 are professors and 40 are associate professors with broad research interests in the major fields of contemporary pure and applied mathematics. The SMS is proud of having four academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences: HU Hesheng, LI Daqian, HONG Jiaxing, and CHEN Shuxing. In addition, the SMS has two educational systems: one is the postgraduate program with about 350 postgraduate students, and the other is the undergraduate program with over 750 undergraduate students. The SMS also established a postdoctoral research station with about 20 positions of postdoctoral research fellow.

         In the past six decades, led by SU Buqing, CHEN Jiangong, and GU Chaohao, orld-renowned mathematicians, the SMS has not only achieved an excellent research reputation in the community of mathematics but also brought up numerous elites in various scientific, technological, or industrial domains, including 14 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and a large number of scientists and engineers of great achievements. The SMS has become the First Class Key Discipline of Mathematics in China since 2007. Particularly, in the China Discipline Evaluations that took place in 2002, 2007, and 2012, respectively, the SMS ranked at the top of the list. The SMS has also earned international recognition such that it is amongst the list of top 75 institutions of mathematics (first 3%) all over the world according to the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) published by ISI. In 2014, the SMS ranked 25th and 45th worldwide according to the U.S. News Rankings and the QS World Universities Rankings, respectively.
Location & Facilities
The SMS is located in the East Main Building of Guang-Hua Tower in the Handan Campus of Fudan University, which belongs to the northeast sub-center of Shanghai. It is very convenient to reach and enjoys a favorable atmosphere for research and education of mathematics. In addition to the setup of a computer cluster of high performance, the Mathematics Branch of Fudan Library is one of the finest mathematics libraries in the nation that has an outstanding collection of mathematical monographs, research journals, and textbooks.

Undergraduate Education
The SMS has made persistent efforts to provide mathematical education of the highest quality. It conducts excellent, demanding programs of undergraduate studies and provides the students with solid and innovative training. The faculty members have been sparing no effort to enhance the undergraduate teaching: several courses were evaluated as the exquisite courses at the national or municipal levels. The SMS also encourages students to participate in the Chinese Mathematics Competitions as well as the Mathematical Contest in Modeling at different levels. Many undergraduate students have achieved proud records in these competitions.

Postgraduate Education
The mathematical discipline of Fudan University is the first discipline in China that was authorized by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council to confer Ph.D. degrees in all the five sub-disciplines within mathematics, including Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Operational Research and Control Theory, Computational Mathematics, and Probability & Statistics. Considerable efforts of teaching and finance have been consistently placed on the postgraduate education. In addition to a variety of advanced mathematical courses, students are strongly encouraged to attend research seminars and colloquiums. The SMS provides a certain amount of teaching assistantships and research fellowships for the postgraduate students. Many of them also have the opportunities to visit or study for joint degree in oversea universities from one month to two years owing to the internationalized educational programs of the SMS and Fudan University.

As the SMS has maintained a leading role in the development of mathematical sciences in China, it always emphasizes scientific research as the first priority in its development. The faculty engages in research in a wide range of areas from the fundamental problems in mathematics to applications of mathematics in real-world systems. Many faculty members have made achievements of great importance in directions of both pure and applied mathematics, and won well-known prizes and honors for their significant contributions, including the Nation’s Top Science and Technology Award to GU Chaohao in 2009,the ICIAM Su Buchin Prize to LI Daqian in 2015, etc. The establishment of the Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences (SCMS) in 2012 indicates a great step in the development of the mathematical discipline of Fudan University. Together with the SCMS, every year the SMS invites a large number of renowned mathematicians and scientists all over world and provides various academic programs of mathematics courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences of high standard.

The SMS now calls for applications to the positions of Full Professor, Associate Professor, Young-Fellowship(青年研究员)and Associate Young-Fellowship (青年副研究员)[for YF and AYF,a tenure-track (3+3 years) appointment after completing a postdoc fellowship]. The applications in any areas of pure and applied mathematics, including statistics, will be considered. It is certain that the annual salaries for the recruited members are internationally competitive and commensurate with their qualifications. The applicant who is interested in any position mentioned above should collect the materials including a cover letter (e.g., AMS format cover letter), a Curriculum Vita with a list of representative publications, and a research statement, and send them to Miss. LIU Xinling through the electronic mail listed below. The applicant also should invite at least three FULL professors to write and send the recommendation letters for her/him to Miss. LIU Xinling directly.
For more information, should be in contact with
Miss. LIU Xinling
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School of Mathematical Sciences
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