Presentation Name: Applications of corner scattering: intrinsic properties of transmission eigenfunctions and single wave probing
Presenter: Eemeli Blåsten
Date: 2017-12-05
Location: 光华东主楼1801
The theory of corner scattering shows that a penetrable scatterer posessing a corner singularity always scatters any incident wave. This simple looking result was difficult to prove, but has many interesting consequences. Applying those methods allows one to show that smooth enough interior transmission eigenfunctions vanish at convex corners. Another application is shape determination: two polyhedral scatterers of different shape (with some geometrical constraints) always produce different far-field patterns no matter the incident wave. Going further one can determine completely certain piecewise constant potentials by a single far-field measurement. Finally some possible future topics to explore theoretically and numerically are presented.
Annual Speech Directory: No.279

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