Led by trail-blazing mathematicians represented by Prof. Buchin SU and Prof. Kien-Kwong CHEN and with joint efforts of all the faculty members for more than six decades, Mathematics discipline has made remarkable achievements in scientific research and talents cultivation, earning tremendous national and global prestige. In January 2005, the School of Mathematical Sciences was founded. It covers a broad range of mathematical disciplines, including department of mathematics, department of applied mathematics, department of financial mathematics and control sciences, department of information and computational sciences, department of probability statistics and actuary, and an Institute of Mathematics.

As a pioneering subject capable of providing all doctoral programs approved by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, Mathematics at Fudan University covers all five sub-disciplines: fundamental mathematics, applied mathematics, operational research and control theory, computational mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics. The former three are among the first national key disciplines. In 2007, mathematics became the national first-level key disciplines and ranked the second in China Discipline Ranking (CDR) in 2002, 2007, and 2012. It also ranks within the first 3‰ in ESI index.

In 1993, the School of Mathematical Sciences was authorized by National Education Commission to set up a base for talents training which scored high in the evaluations launched in 1999 and 2004. Besides, the school was one of the first schools to provide postdoctoral programs in China. In 2009, the School of Mathematical Sciences was honored as one of the outstanding communities of the National Education System.

With regard to talents training, Buchin SU, a renowned mathematician, advocated universities should continue to admit postgraduate students in the Symposium on Education Working hosted by Xiaoping DENG in 1977. As a result, among the first 18 PhD graduates in 1983, there were 4 graduating from Mathematics Discipline of Fudan University. Since then, there have been 10 doctoral dissertations winning the prize of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations, and 6 have been nominated.

Importantly, the School of Mathematical Sciences has been laying great emphasis on teaching undergraduates. The Team for basic mathematical courses, one of nation’s most excellent teaching teams, has won 9 national awards and more than 10 provincial awards. Over 50 textbooks have been compiled. Remarkable performance in previous Chinese Mathematics Competitions and Mathematical Contests in Modeling also exemplifies its teaching strength.

Our school attaches equal significance to both undergraduates and postgraduates’ education. Through intensive training in basic mathematical theories and their application, it aims to reinforce the students’ adaptability, develop their potential, and cultivate students’ creativity by encouraging them to integrate mathematics with other disciplines.


The School of Mathematical Sciences has retained distinguished scholars with commitment to teaching and academic pursuits, currently appointing approximately 120 faculty members, among whom there are 98 full-time teachers, 55 professors, 4 members of the Chinese Academy of Science (Hesheng HU, Ta-Tsien LI, Jiaxing HONG and Shuxing CHEN), and 1 foreign member of L'Académie des sciences (Ta-Tsien LI). There are  8 distinguished professors and 2 young scholars enrolled in Cheung Kong Scholars Program (plus 1 resigning distinguished professors and 5 chair professors). We also have 7 Recruitment Program for Young Professionals. Moreover, 10 teachers were awarded National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (plus 1 resigning winner), and 9 awarded National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars. 16 faculty members were enrolled in the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University and Excellent Young Teachers Program of Ministry of Education of China.

Focusing on both development of mathematical theories and their application, faculty members of the school have made world-class strides in multiple key areas of basic mathematics as well as crucial breakthroughs in application research. Up to now, the school has won 10 prizes from the State Award for Natural Science (4 second prizes), 1 first prize and 2 second prizes from State Award for Science and Technology Progress, and 26 first prizes from provincial awards. As a member of China Academy of Sciences (CAS), Chaohao GU won State Pre-eminent Science and Technology Award in 2009. Ta-Tsien LI, another member of CAS, won ICIAM Su, Buchin Prize in 2015. Additionally, a great number of faculty members were invited addresses at major mathematics meetings and conferences, including the 45-minute talk at ICM (Jiaxing Hong in 2002, Shuxing CHEN and Jixiang FU in 2010, Meng CHEN in 2018) and the one-hour lecture at ICIAM (Ta-Tsien LI in 2015).

For years, our school has been dedicating itself to cultivating high-level and versatile talents. Among millions of graduates, we have 14 members of CAS, 5 members of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), a vast number of excellent scholars with worldwide reputation and outstanding alumni/ae in all walks of life. 

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